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The accompaniment
to employment and training

After a diagnosis of the social and professional situation of the accompanied person, the AGIR program activates, in support and close link with the actors of the public employment service, all the necessary measures to promote access to certifying training and to work.

Support for employment and training

We support refugees in finding a job, taking into account the labor market situation, the lack of a professional network, language difficulties, cultural and religious differences 

An assessment of all aspects of the social and professional situation will be shared with the actors of the Public Employment Service (PES)

Beneficiaries of international protection will be accompanied to obtain assistance:

  • Á the registration and its maintenance over time with an actor of the PES, in particular Pôle emploi or the local missions;

  • Guidance towards the provision of common law services (assisted contracts, integration through economic activity, training, immersions) and/or towards a specialized employment support programand existing training on the territory (mobility assistance, training program with accommodation solution, French for professional purposes, etc.)


When the beneficiaries of international protection do not master level A1,  we will set up support for the construction of the professional project combined with orientation towards language training for professional purposes.

The APPUIS association is mobilized to offer language training, throughFrench as a Foreign Language Course (FLE) and  language training for professional purposes.

In all of its actions, the APPUIS association will offer beneficiaries of international protection our partnership withEMMAUS CONNECTand digital services withSUPPORT Digital and thedigital stageof thePost Mulhouse Europe.

We will accompany if necessary, by a support to the accompaniment in:

  • Procedures for the recognition of qualifications,

  • The comparability of diplomas and orientation towards a support system for the validation of acquired experience (VAE)

  • By mobilizing economic players in the territory, in addition to the actions of the PES (OPCO, professional federations, etc.) to promote the recruitment of BPIs in companies.

  • Through job retention actions (support for the BPI during the contract or training in liaison with the employer or the trainer, carrying out regular assessments with the employer or the trainer, mediation in the event of a problem).

  • Assistance in combating mobility difficulties through our Social and Solidarity Driving School for assistance in obtaining a driving licence.

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