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Acheter un appartement

The accompaniment
to  housing

In particular, it facilitates the management of administrative procedures for the opening of rights such as the right of residence, obtaining a travel document, family reunification, complementary universal health cover, support for parenthood, etc.

Accompaniment to and in accommodation

Accompaniment in the search for accommodation

As part of our support for people

beneficiaryof international protection, the realization

an individual diagnosis on the situation of the household and its

needs will be implemented.

This diagnosis will help in the creation, filing and updating of the request for social housing.*

We will help organize meetings:

  • To raise awareness of the reality of access to housing in the Haut-Rhin department.

  • On the rights and duties of tenants.

  • On the search for accommodation in the private sector according to the household's situation.

  • By mobilizing the integrated reception and orientation service (SIAO) and approved organizations for orientation towards rental intermediation places and/or places in social residences while waiting for permanent housing.

  • By connecting with donors and actors of the lodging.

Illustré rue de voisinage,

Individualized support during the installation in the new accommodation

bureau à domicile

As part of our support for people

beneficiary of international protection during the installation in the new accommodation we help people:

  • At the implementation of the request for housing assistance

  • How to get moving assistance

  • To inform:

    •   On the charges inherent to tenants

    •  Help opening subscriptions

    •   Budget and fluid management

    • Appropriation of the places and the neighborhood of residence

    • Advice on home maintenance

    • Housing maintenance services, including mediation actions with landlords in the event of difficulty.

We help with coordination between different administrations and public services

  • L'OofficeFFrench fromPprotection ofRrefugees andHASpatrids (OFPRA ) ruling on the asylum application

  • L'OofficeFrancid from theIimmigration and theIintegration (OFII) in charge of setting up the Republican Integration Contract

  • The VSfund ofHASllocation Ffamily (CIF)

  • Pôle Emploi agencies

  • The Local Mission 

  • Medico-Social Centers 

  • La VSfund Prhyme ofHASinsuranceMillness (CPAM) (requests for Universal Health Protection) 

  • ThePrefecture Colmar (obtaining the first residence permit and renewals)

*SYPLO certification (Priority Housing System)  du Ministry in charge housing et  eligible for proceduresDALO

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