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In everyday life, de many administrative procedures  must be carried out to be in good standing (request for identity card, renewal of driving licence, etc.).

Do you need assistance and support for your social assistance application files?

Get help in your steps near you


Carrying out an administrative procedure online is sometimes complicated. Within 30 minutes of your home, you can get help from a trained agentFranceServicesto complete your administrative procedures.


Organizations near you


In France, the Family Allowance Fund (CIF) is in charge of paying many social benefits (family allowances, housing allowances, RSA, etc.). Thus, a multitude of procedures exist for registering as a beneficiary, applying for social assistance, declaring a change in situation, etc.

If you wish to reach the CAF by telephone, you must dial the unique number3230  (price of a local call)


Administrative help related to Taxes

It is not always easy to understand how tax procedures work and to know who to contact in the event of litigation or practical questions.

Whether it's questions about your reference tax income, your tax notice, a possible tax credit or other, know that you can reach the Directorate General of Public Finances (DGFIP) by email or by phone. .


Organizations for young people and students

If you are under 25, two organizations should be contacted as a priority depending on your situation and the nature of your requests:

To support you in the field of social and professional reintegration

Local missions

A local mission is aimed primarily at young people who have left the school system or who do not have a job. So among support for unemployed young people, the main measures are governed by the local mission. But it also offers support to those who are pursuing studies or are active.



The Regional Center for University and School Works (Crous) is a public institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.


Its mission is to improve the living and working conditions of students at the Academy of Strasbourg.

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