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To find accommodation

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The request for social housing must be made as soon as possible after the response from theOFPRAgranting you refugee status or beneficiary of subsidiary protection or beneficiary of stateless person status.


This will allow you to gain seniority and get housing more quickly.

Have emergency accommodation 

115 is a free number accessible 24 hours a day, every day of the year, everywhere in France. It works even if you no longer have a phone plan (like other emergency numbers: firefighters, SAMU, police, etc.).


Low-rent housing (HLM)

A social housing or HLM is a housing built with the help of the State and which is subjected to rules of construction, management and precise attributions. Rents are also regulated and access to housing conditional on maximum resources.

Maison tachée

Social support related to housing

For housing-related problems, you can get help from the Departmental Housing Information Agencies (ADIL).


These non-profit associations provide free assistance to all types of people for personal matters (housing search, unpaid rent, etc.)

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